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Airstream Argosy motorhome 1975

Airstream Argosy motorhome 1975

Acquired in 2014


Build by the Airstream company, famous for their aluminium body trailer.


This is our flagship and ship is totally adequate to decribe this rare piece of car history. It is in 85 % in its original state due to the extrodinary care he received from the previous owner, only 2 until now. The previous owner consider it as a kind of member of their family.


The acquisition of this RV was quite an adventure. This will stay forever and in the top five event of my life. We published the story on facebook for who might be interersted.

27 feet long, suitable for 3 to 4 persons. 454 V8 chevy engine fully restored by the previous owner. It doesn't seems 40 years old as most of the equipement are functional.


​Minor restoration will be made in respect of the origine but we fell that the use of age gives him an even more friendly looks.


The large windows give a spectacular view from the inside. The rear end is the main bedroom with a 180° view, quite uncommon even on modern motorhome.


It is not for sale, we are renting it for event. It can be an original way to spend a night in the nature.


Renting condition upon request.

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