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Our Services


Basic services, can be taylor made up to your specific needs. Ask us.

Sale, trade, buy, middleman, quotation

We handle all transactions to sell or buy vintage vehicle. From middleman to buyer, we can fulfill your needs. We have storage facilities, a serious address book. We are mandated by several car collectors to search, buy or sell all sorts of vehicle. We decide on the fee prior to any tasks to avoid surprises. We keep updated our owned price evaluation list based on different sources.

Storage, Transportation

You don't have enough place to store your vintage car? We do, for a month or for a year, we have several option to keep your car in perfect condition. Slipcover, inflatable car capsule. Monitor your car at any moment with our online camera option.We can prepare your vehicle for long storage period. We can organize safe transport to any place you wish, either with our device or in collaboration with experienced transport company. Fixed price for each option.

Restoration, Maintenance

We take in charge any restoration project. Body and Mechanical. At our site or with expert in specific domain or car type. Follow the evolution of the restoration with our online service, password protected for each client. We have long lasting collaboration with spare parts provider specialized in vintage cars. A detailed inspection of your car is made before any project, Estimation in time and price is set to its best. Regular maintenance by experienced mechanics. Former Ferrari mechanic engineer is part of our team.

Racing Services

In association with well known Racing team and Race car specialist we can organize for you: Race track events. Private or corporate. Rent any european circuits for a day to drive your own cars in total freedom and security. Any option is available. From a basic formula at minimum cost on selected race tracks, to a full option formula on the most prestigious circuit; with your own cars only or with almost any other additional racing car; with the support and coaching from professional drivers; we can make it happened. (upon request only - subject to availability and specific quotation)

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