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Ford Bronco 1969

Ford Bronco 1969 Modified

Acquired in 2001


Restored and modified in the late 90's. 4,2 liter Ford engine, approx 300 hp. manual gearbox 3 level + reverse, high and low. Althoug both front and rear transmission are present, the 4 wheel drive mode has been disabled by a previous owner, only the rear transmission is active (4 wheel mode can be easely restored). Equiped with a special suspension system. Higher than original. Originated from California (last US location). Model with removable hard top. 6 fixation points rollbar. A "Bikini" soft top can be set on for rain or sun protection while in convertible mode.

It start and run as a charm but need some restorations jobs basically on the suspention and steering as well as a new paint. These works are on-going.


​Driving it requires some strenght as the drum brake system is poorely assisted and stopping or slowing down the Bronco need anticipation. The modified suspension has some negative effect on the driving. Going straight is not a natural behavior anymore.



The Ford Bronco is one of the iconic US cars as the Ford Mustang or Chevy Camaro. It was produced from 1966 to 1996, with five distinct generations. You can see them in many tv series and movies. The early Broncos are the more popular ones. Its basic shape is attractive for tuning. Original model of the 2 first generation are quite hard to find.


Price may vary in considerable way in regard of shape but also of modifications made to it. A car restoration company in USA "rebuild" Bronco with the latest technology (from interior to engine) but keeping the original body. The cost of this transformation can be up to 100.000 US $ plus the cost of the original car.

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