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Why P3 ?

Among exceptional cars ever build, the Ferrari P3 is, for me, the ultimate one.

The Ferrari 330 P3 was build in 1966, in only 3 copies. # 0844, 0846, 0848.

As they were Ferrari factory race car "prototypes", no original P3 still exist today, one was converted to P3/4 (0846) the two others in 412 P.

Ferrari 330 P3 were powered by V12 - 410 hp at 3300 rpm - 3.967 liter (330 cc per cylinder) engine. Weight 790 kg - Top speed 310 km/h. Design by Piere Drogo (sources varies on first name spelling).

This is the car that inspire our name due to its almost perfect combination of design and power.


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