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Youngtimers are cars build between the late 70's and 1987. In Belgium, a car that have at least 25 years of age is considered as "ancestor". They have specific licence plate and lower technical requirement than younger car. Since june 2013, the regulation for this category has been modified to a lesser restriction of usage. And as the taxes and insurance are also much cheaper than a regular car, the enthusiasm for this category should grow up rapidly. Choice, price range are wide. You can already find an interesting car for as low as 2.000 € more or less. Spare parts are often easy to find. Not yet in the full electronic era, maintenance can be handle with basic knowledge of mechanic and common tools.Peugeot 304 cabriolet, 205 gti, Ford sierra cosworth, bmw 3 series (E30) convertible, M3 (picture), Lancia delta integrale are few exemple among a long list of potential candidate. We will dedicate to youngtimer its own division and making it one of our speciality.


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